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How To Quickly Get Ahead

How To Quickly Get Ahead

Update: 2024-05-2710


In today's episode, we'll dive into how you can leap light years ahead of everyone else in no time by making some simple yet powerful changes. Here’s a sneak peek:

1. Intentional Tech Use: Discover how to limit distractions from your phone, TV, and social media to boost productivity.

2. Trade Entertainment for Growth: Learn to swap passive activities for those that fuel your personal and professional development.

3. Be an Outlier: Stand out by doing what others aren’t – focus on self-improvement while most people are stuck in their screens.

4.Practical Tips: I'll share how I manage my phone use and stay productive, like keeping my phone out of reach and using Kindle for reading.

5. Long-term Wins: Understand how these small changes today will make you a "superhuman" in the future.

Join me in this episode to learn how to transform your habits and mindset for unstoppable growth. 

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Comments (2)

Roger H

Have thought of this mindset before but always get sidetracked. Good reminder to write this down and stick with it. Spend way too much time doom scrolling which is just about on every site now- YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, Facebook. All just mostly time fillers. Borrowed a few books from library and will put that next to me. Let's get it 👊

Jun 4th

Messia McKavan

Trained to be entertained by Education and Action! Excellent lesson that I learned today. Thank you 🌹💖

May 31st








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How To Quickly Get Ahead

How To Quickly Get Ahead

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