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How To Win At Life

How To Win At Life

Update: 2023-05-2611


Welcome to today’s episode of The Mindset Mentor Podcast where today I’m giving you one of THE best and simplest tips you could learn that will help you become successful in all areas of your life and crush any “competition” you could run into.

If i’m being honest… it’s really not that difficult.

When you look at the world, where do you feel like it’s going? What are the things that you notice?

Here’s what I notice…

It’s becoming very obvious that humans are becoming more and more addicted to technology.

What’s that really mean for you? How in the hell does that help you any?

Here’s how…

Because if you can learn how to do the exact OPPOSITE of what everyone else is doing… you will be able to jump lightyears ahead of them. It’s not about beating other people…

It’s really about maximizing YOUR opportunity… to CLAIM opportunities.

If you want some ideas on what you could be doing “instead” and see what I would recommend for you… Listen to this episode and give your best effort to implement these behaviors right away to start seeing the remarkable difference.

If you like this episode…

Make sure to share it with someone that needs to hear it and help us get the message out there so that together we can help make people’s lives better and make the world a better place.

And I almost forgot!!

I’m still offering out this special gift I put together just for everyone who listens to this podcast.

It will actually help you start experiencing transformation in your life immediately.

So while you’re doing your best to grow through what you go through..

Why not at least try out journaling?

It’s a simple yet powerful and effective tool that can help you instantly improve the quality of your life. It can help you develop powerful habits, enhance your self awareness and emotional well being, overcome your self limiting beliefs, and so much more.

Visit this link: ( ) for a video I made just for you to help you get started on your transformation journey AND you’ll also get 30 days of written journal prompts that if followed, will help you get so much closer to building a life with more freedom than you can even imagine.

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This episode was about what I've exactly been doing for more than one year. I deactivated my Instagram account and instead, installed some applications for learning English. I'm using my cell phone all the time but not for entertainment and to distract myself from worries. I use that for learning English by listening to marvelous English podcasts, like yours, reading English novels, learning new vocabulary, and learning more about design, my occupation, by reading articles in English on Medium. Now, after about one year, I'm on the B2+ level while my acquaintances who continue using Instagram for fun, still cannot speak in English and I'm so sad. I wish I could have done something for them by sending this episode, but the problem is they don't know English.

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How To Win At Life

How To Win At Life

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