DiscoverThe Liz Moody PodcastHow To Work LESS AND Get MORE Done
How To Work LESS AND Get MORE Done

How To Work LESS AND Get MORE Done

Update: 2024-05-22


Author and Professor Cal Newport discusses the problems with modern approaches to productivity, the additional burdens it produces for workers, and his tested solutions to give yourself more time back.

  • Why pseudo productivity is wreaking havoc on our work lives 

  • How to tell if you’re being pseudo productive versus ACTUALLY productive 

  • 3 principles to follow to do less and accomplish more

  • Science-backed strategies to improve focus

  • The biggest time drains on your day (and how to fix them)

  • The future of AI at work

  • What to do if you’re in your 20s to build toward the career of your dreams

  • And so much more

For more from Cal, you can find him online at His newest book, Slow Productivity, is available everywhere books are sold.

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How To Work LESS AND Get MORE Done

How To Work LESS AND Get MORE Done

Liz Moody