DiscoverCLEANING UP YOUR MENTAL MESS with Dr. Caroline LeafHow to help sensitive children manage their emotions
How to help sensitive children manage their emotions

How to help sensitive children manage their emotions

Update: 2023-07-20


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SHOW DESCRIPTION: In this podcast I talk to Alicia, a concerned mother, about helping sensitive children manage their emotions. This is part of a series I am doing on questions you submitted for my new book on children’s mental health. 

This was Alicia’s question:

“How do I help a sensitive seven-year-old move on after they make a mistake? I have a very sensitive seven year old girl. She likes to follow the rules. However, she does from time to time need some course correction. When I do so, she instantly withdraws, and becomes very quiet and sad, often for a long amount of time. I have a hunch that she’s beating herself up about whatever mistake she made, and I would love some help figuring out how to help her receive correction without being so hard on herself.”

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1:52 Alicia’s story & experiences as a parent

3:45 Why we need to give ourselves permission to be messy parents

6:32 Why we need to let our children know its okay to be a “mess”

11:26 , 14:00 , 21:25 How to use mind management to help your child manage how they feel in the moment 

38:10 How our experiences impact our minds, brains & bodies and t

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*DISCLAIMER: This podcast and blog are for educational purposes only and are not intended as medical advice. We always encourage each person to make the decision that seems best for their situation with the guidance of a medical professional.









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How to help sensitive children manage their emotions

How to help sensitive children manage their emotions

Dr. Caroline Leaf