Discover"See, The Thing Is..."I Love Your Girl Ft. Sarunas Jackson
I Love Your Girl Ft. Sarunas Jackson

I Love Your Girl Ft. Sarunas Jackson

Update: 2023-09-01


Happy Friday Nieces & Nephews! 

This week your favorite Aunties  Bridget Kelly and Mandii B are joined by actor and friends with benefits Sarunas J Jackson for some grown, honest, and slightly toxic conversation. 

The three talk about: 

(28:00 ) Footlocker declining in business 

(33:00 ) Bi-Racial vs. Mixed Race

(37:00 ) The Dream’s contribution to music tribute 

(51:40 ) Miguel piercing his back and tolerance to pain 

(1:00:00 ) Noah Lyles’ comment about being a “world champion”  

(1:14:00 ) Pink Sauce business plan 

(1:30:00 ) Light skinned & pretty privilege 

(1:50:00 ) Freshly Squeezed


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I Love Your Girl Ft. Sarunas Jackson

I Love Your Girl Ft. Sarunas Jackson