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Immune System - Health FAQs With Dr. Gates

Immune System - Health FAQs With Dr. Gates

Update: 2023-05-06


"...and today we're going to talk about a concept that has time so I think been controversial I think at times been considered theoretical when I first got into functional medicine years ago is actually a prominent Conrad of the immune system and because what we started to realize was in chronic pain we have a chronic pain practice for those of you who haven't watched us before and we treat just about anything that won't go away and we've combined two disciplines functional neurology and functional medicine to address fibromyalgia and periphery often chronic fatigue and chronic got problems chronic thyroid problems and dizziness vertigo balance things that won't go away people get things they go away B they don't go away you need to know why and the immune system was an obvious first place to start I think for those in the field at that time that there must be something with the immune that's causing the problem there's a concept called th1 th2 shifts th1 th2 balance I've drawn the little seesaw picture of it and I think a thousand times and try and explain to people and and and I think it's I don't I think dr. Gates is going to explain to me today whether it's getting more credibility or just something that you're using more because you see it's a valuable tool because it is affecting people frequently will talk about that Gates does all the treatment now and he's always researching and frequently will tell talk to me about how this was a that this was a shift during pregnancy this is the mystical why do I get pregnant and then I feel good and then all sudden I don't after I deliver the child it's this is the if you have allergies you have a shift more towards one side than the other so and certain autoimmune problems have a certain quality..."

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Immune System - Health FAQs With Dr. Gates

Immune System - Health FAQs With Dr. Gates