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Introducing: Betrayal on the Bayou

Introducing: Betrayal on the Bayou

Update: 2023-07-183


For almost two decades, DEA Special Agent Chad Scott ruled the streets just North of New Orleans. He controlled a network of snitches by convincing people he arrested to work for him as informants. Chad would stop at nothing to put drug dealers behind bars. His successes won awards at the DEA, but his willingness to bend the rules earned him a terrifying reputation on the streets. Some called him the Golden Boy. Others called him the White Devil. But when one of guys on Chad's team is caught dealing drugs, Chad’s life is overturned. His right-hand men betray him and confess everything to the FBI. Investigators go over his career with a fine-toothed comb, asking the question: is Chad Scott the greatest DEA Agent in the South, or is he a criminal?

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bob caygeon

DEA Agent Joseph Bongiovanni. A Buffalo, NY agent who sold out to the Italian Mob. It includes a judge who jumped in front of a train, and another witness who died prior to testi- lying.

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Introducing: Betrayal on the Bayou

Introducing: Betrayal on the Bayou

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