DiscoverMoney Clinic with Claer BarrettInvestment masterclass: WTF are ETFs?
Investment masterclass: WTF are ETFs?

Investment masterclass: WTF are ETFs?

Update: 2023-07-25


Exchange traded funds or ETFs have been growing in popularity recently but as Money Clinic listener Saranya has found, there’s a bewildering array of different types of ETFs to choose from. Presenter Claer Barrett is joined in the studio by Dave Baxter, funds editor at the Investors’ Chronicle, and Lynn Hutchinson, head of ETF and index solutions at investment manager Charles Stanley. They unpick the many different types of ETFs, how to use them to build an investment portfolio and what to look out for in terms of fees.

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This podcast has been corrected from an earlier version which gave the wrong calculation of an OCF charge.

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Investment masterclass: WTF are ETFs?

Investment masterclass: WTF are ETFs?