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January Jumpstart | On Purpose & Meaning

January Jumpstart | On Purpose & Meaning

Update: 2024-01-093


What really brings meaning and purpose to life? This episode is part of our January Jumpstart series where each week we dive into concepts to drive real change through learning and action.

Get science-backed insights from an 80-year Harvard happiness study revealing how relationships and activities—not money or fame—unlock fulfillment with our guide, Robert Waldinger. Discover philosophical wisdom and practical tips to continually reconnect with what matters through relationships, reflection, and daily practices with Yale professor Matthew Croasmun, as he invites us to join in asking life's big questions to illuminate the quest itself as a source of joy.

This research-inspired guide to crafting a life of significance also offers a simple 7-day challenge to increase your sense of purpose right away. Follow along each week, do the challenges with friends for accountability, and send us your questions. Let's make this year one of growth, discovery, and living your good life!

Episode Transcript

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You can find Robert at: Website| LinkedIn | TED Talk | Listen to Our Full-Length Convo with Robert

You can find Matthew at: Website | Life Worth Living | Listen to Our Full-Length Convo with Matthew

We want to hear from YOU! Record your responses to the challenge or questions you have along the way and email them to We may include your reflections in an episode.

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January Jumpstart | On Purpose & Meaning

January Jumpstart | On Purpose & Meaning