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Julie Chrisley Returns to Unlocked

Julie Chrisley Returns to Unlocked

Update: 2023-01-164


Unlocked’s most renowned and repeated guest is back for the third time… and on her birthday no less! Supermom Julie Chrisley sits down with Savannah on her 50th birthday and during inarguably the most difficult week of her life. But, in true Julie fashion, the conversation’s focus begins with others. It starts off with the devastation of Damar Hamlin’s life threatening injury and leads into the platform of sports as it relates to faith.
Julie dives into how her faith has kept her standing during these devastatingly dark days, and Savannah, as she tends to do, lightens the mood with her somewhat unjustified belief that she is a full on Instagram detective. While we admit she is “savvy” when it comes to online research (pun intended), it’s too early to call her Nancy Drew. Luckily for us, she doesn't know who that is. Anyway, all you need to know is that Julie told her that she is “somewhere between Jesus and Only Fans.”

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Happy Day 😊

Savanah you are right and Julie you are also about there is a reason for everything I have been in recovery for almost 10 years now and I would not take the 15+ yrs of addiction back for anything in my recovery the negative times prepared me for my daughter at 15mnths old and diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and it also allows me to realize thar life is amazing and you have yo ho through the dark time to realize that the times are good are life changing!! also you just have to realize the total time of all of this dark time is so small in the grand scheme of life!! you and your family will make it through this together and come out stronger TOGETHER ❤️

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Julie Chrisley Returns to Unlocked

Julie Chrisley Returns to Unlocked