Kenny Hickey (Type O Negative) - Bring Your Own Stripper

Kenny Hickey (Type O Negative) - Bring Your Own Stripper

Update: 2023-07-15


Kenny Hickey (Type O Negative co-founder, guitarist and backing and occasional co-lead vocalist as well as vocalist and guitarist for heavy metal band Silvertomb, co-founder of Seventh Void and guitarist/vocalist of Eye Am) joins Ralph Sutton and James Mattern and they discuss Ralph and Kenny's connection through New York City rock n' roll, Ralph cashing in on his likeness to Pete Steele and their eventual falling out, impromptu meeting with Rob Halford, the attempted murder of a member of Type O Negative, Peter Steele's fangs, their decision to not do a Type O Negative tour with a different singer, Kenny Hickey's decision to move to lead singer, the creation of the new supergroup Eye Am, Kenny Hickey's multiple near death experiences, what finally made him decide to get sober, Kenny Hickey's first drug, first concert and first sexual experience and so much more!

(Air Date: July 8th, 2023)

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Kenny Hickey (Type O Negative) - Bring Your Own Stripper

Kenny Hickey (Type O Negative) - Bring Your Own Stripper