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Koshi Wind Chimes Sound Machine (12 Hours)

Koshi Wind Chimes Sound Machine (12 Hours)

Update: 2023-05-152


These handcrafted chimes are precisely tuned to four scales that correspond with the elements: terra (earth), aqua (water), aria (air), and ignis (fire). They are constructed of bamboo resonance tubes with multiple metal plates suspended inside. When struck or moved by a breeze, they produce a harmonious combination of sounds that provides a warm, rich ambience. Frequently used for sound healing and meditation, Koshi chimes are said to bring positive energy to heal the body by creating a multidimensional vibration that surrounds the physical body and enters the energy body through sound.


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Koshi Wind Chimes Sound Machine (12 Hours)

Koshi Wind Chimes Sound Machine (12 Hours)

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