DiscoverAll the Hacks with Chris HutchinsLanguage Hacking: Become Fluent in 3 Months with Benny Lewis
Language Hacking: Become Fluent in 3 Months with Benny Lewis

Language Hacking: Become Fluent in 3 Months with Benny Lewis

Update: 2023-08-022


#127: Language hacker and polyglot Benny Lewis joins Chris to debunk misconceptions about language learning and share insights into his dynamic approach to fast-track fluency. He breaks down the different levels of language fluency and offers tips for learners including the importance of embracing mistakes, using flashcards for vocabulary retention, learning the local language before traveling abroad, and more.

Benny Lewis (@irishpolyglot) runs the world’s largest language-learning blog called Fluent In 3 Months and is the bestselling author of 6 language learning books. He speaks a dozen languages and is on a mission to empower individuals to learn and speak new languages with confidence through practical strategies, resources, and inspiration.

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Resources Mentioned

Benny Lewis: Website | Podcast | Instagram | Twitter

Benny’s Podcast Episode: #107: Paul Jorgenson on How to Make Difficult Languages Easy

Online Language Learning Resources:

Haifa University Study: The Effect of Unit Size on Language Learning in Children and Adults

Full Show Notes

(02:44 ) Common Misconceptions about Learning Languages

(04:38 ) The Inception of Benny’s Approach to Language Learning

(07:03 ) Embracing Mistakes When Communicating in a New Language

(11:21 ) Why Perfectionism Is the Worst Enemy of All in Language Learning

(15:31 ) The Age Limit to Learning a New Language

(20:38 ) Hacks to Get over the Need to Be a Perfectionist

(25:22 ) The Process of Becoming Fluent in Three Months

(30:07 ) Benny’s Coaching Program

(30:55 ) The Minimum Daily Time Commitment Required to Become Fluent

(34:44 ) Core Elements of Language Learning

(39:53 ) Using Flashcards to Remember Vocabulary

(41:24 ) Benny's Dynamic Learning Approach

(43:06 ) How Important Reading & Writing Is in Language Learning

(47:29 ) The Hardest and Easiest Languages to Learn

(51:50 ) Categorizing Levels of Language Fluency

(57:12 ) How Quickly Can You Learn a Language before Traveling Abroad

(59:59 ) Hacks & Tips for Language Learning

(1:01:31 ) Different Languages Benny Has Learned and Their Language Categories

(1:02:40 ) Why You Should Visit the Second City vs. the Capital City When Traveling

(1:03:53 ) Final Parting Wisdom

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Language Hacking: Become Fluent in 3 Months with Benny Lewis

Language Hacking: Become Fluent in 3 Months with Benny Lewis

Chris Hutchins