DiscoverPassion Struck with John R. MilesLee Benson on the Healthy Struggles Children Need to Succeed EP 379
Lee Benson on the Healthy Struggles Children Need to Succeed EP 379

Lee Benson on the Healthy Struggles Children Need to Succeed EP 379

Update: 2023-11-30

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On Passion Struck, John welcomes Lee Benson, an acclaimed entrepreneur and author who shares his unique perspective on the importance of healthy struggles in children's development and success. Benson, renowned for his books "Your Most Important Number" and "Value Creation Kid," emphasizes the significance of instilling resilience and a value-creation mindset in children.

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A Blueprint for Success: Lee Benson on Cultivating Resilience and Value in Children

Key takeaways from the episode include the value of exposing children to healthy struggles, the importance of teaching them to create value in every situation, the need for financial literacy from a young age, and the application of business principles in everyday life and parenting. Benson's insights offer a comprehensive guide for parents and business professionals alike, aiming to foster success in both personal and professional spheres.

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Lee Benson on the Healthy Struggles Children Need to Succeed EP 379

Lee Benson on the Healthy Struggles Children Need to Succeed EP 379

John R. Miles