DiscoverThe Liz Moody PodcastLife Lessons From Armchair Expert Monica Padman
Life Lessons From Armchair Expert Monica Padman

Life Lessons From Armchair Expert Monica Padman

Update: 2024-04-22


Monica Padman: actor, writer, producer, and co-host of hit podcast Armchair Expert, shares life lessons she’s learned along the path to success.

  • How to know when to say no and when to say yes to opportunities

  • How to build deep, family-like community with your friends

  • The secret to being less judgemental and more open to to people with differing opinions from you

  • The BEST advice for learning how to be satisfied with your life

  • What boundaries REALLY are and how to set them for yourself

  • BTS of building one of the world’s biggest podcasts and the lessons learned along the way

  • Life lessons about the world of celebrity 

  • And so much more

For more from Monica, you can follow her on Instagram @mlpadman. You can listen to all shows under the Armchair umbrella including Armchair Expert, Synced, and Armchair Anonymous on

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Life Lessons From Armchair Expert Monica Padman

Life Lessons From Armchair Expert Monica Padman

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