DiscoverTable ReadLittle Man - Act 2 Part 1
Little Man - Act 2 Part 1

Little Man - Act 2 Part 1

Update: 2023-04-111


LITTLE MAN: Act Two, Part 1
Despite a rough first few days, Doug's life as an 8 year-old is going better for him than his life as an unemployed loser at 30. He's actually making friends, standing up to bullies, has a part in the class play, and is kicking ass in school. Julia, Doug's teacher, thinks he's gifted! Carl has good news:  one more day and the do-over is officially over. Doug has proven himself a good person and will change back into a grown up. Doug confides in Carl that he's cool with being a kid again. It's his second chance to finally get his life on track. Ethan has become like the father Doug never had. Now Carl has to break the bad news to Doug:  that's not how the do-over works. When Carl told him he'd stay a child if he didn't change his bad ways, he meant 8 years old FOREVER. No growing up all over again. Doug freaks out. This sucks! This isn't fair! Could things get any worse?

LITTLE MAN:  A hysterical irreverent comedy! "SHALLOW HAL" meets "13 GOING ON 30"... with a generous, dusting of "SUPERBAD."  Our all-star cast absolutely destroys this script... guaranteed. You'll laugh out loud!

Imagine a world where karma is a magic blue popsicle. LITTLE MAN is a comedy about a foul-mouthed loser who gets an unwanted "do-over" as an 8 year-old. But to turn back into a grown-up, this little d-bag has 10 days to become a decent human being or he'll stay a kid forever. It's hard to be good when you've been bad for so long. Time's running out. Tick tock!

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Little Man - Act 2 Part 1

Little Man - Act 2 Part 1

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