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Living The Sweet Life with Mayssa Chehata

Living The Sweet Life with Mayssa Chehata

Update: 2022-10-262


We crave sweets for many reasons. It may be because we’re stressed out, or we want to celebrate a small win, or we want to finish strong after a savory meal, or perhaps we want to munch while binge-watching something. Let’s face it. Sweets are a part of everyday life, and not to mention the guilt that we feel after eating them.Sweets are not always the healthiest, so we limit them or feel “unhealthy” after we occasionally indulge.

But dBut did you know that there’s a perfect alternative to satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling any guilt afterwards? Mayssa Chehata founded BEHAVE, a company that makes all-natural, low-sugar and keto-friendly sweets. She built a business around her love for sweets, while also keeping another goal in mind, to promote ; promoting healthier eating habits.

BEHAVE does not only promote healthier candy options. T, their company culture also encourages fun and excitement among the team, which makes every employee feel valued. Mayssa’s passion has created a new and healthier way to enjoy sweets and a wonderful environment for her team. to grow together.


  • How to turn your passion into a profitable business
  • How to create a healthier company culture
  • How to shift your mind to see more of possibilities instead of worrying about risks
  • How important it is to surround yourself with supportive people who believe in you and your passion

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Other Resources Mayssa Shared in The Episode:

  • Manufacturers:: ePac for packaging
  • Name of the pop up shop: Pop Up Grocer
  • PR firm: Jennifer Bett Communications
  • Law firm: Amin Talati for FDA regulatory
  • Other: "I used the Create and Cultivate Facebook Group to connect with a handful of freelancers and creatives I worked with in the early days, e.g. designers who helped me with the v1 packaging. It was a great resource and a great way to find female creatives. And LinkedIn really is your best friend"
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Living The Sweet Life with Mayssa Chehata

Living The Sweet Life with Mayssa Chehata

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