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Make Me Care About Iodized Salt

Make Me Care About Iodized Salt

Update: 2023-06-21


The next time you reach for the salt, read the label. More often than not, it is iodized salt you’re consuming. Turns out, salt fortified with iodine may actually make you smarter and has changed the world in ways you might have never guessed. 

This episode features Jen Hatmaker, an American author, speaker, blogger, and television presenter, in conversation with Venkatesh Mannar, professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Toronto in Canada and former president of the global Micronutrient Initiative. Jen and Venkatesh discuss iodized salt as an example of low cost, large scale food fortification. This can help deliver essential nutrients to large populations in the world where poor nutrition is a leading risk factor for preventable malnutrition, ensuing cognitive deficiencies, and deaths. Micronutrients, including minerals like iodine, iron, zinc, and vitamins like vitamin A and C, are needed for essential body functions relating to both physical and mental growth and development to help build strong immunity and healthy lives.

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Make Me Care About Iodized Salt

Make Me Care About Iodized Salt