DiscoverPossibleMassimo Bottura on the future of food and creativity
Massimo Bottura on the future of food and creativity

Massimo Bottura on the future of food and creativity

Update: 2024-06-12


What role might artificial intelligence play in making the perfect meal? How will AI transform food creation—and creation more generally? Massimo Bottura—legendary Italian chef and entrepreneur—joins Possible to talk about the future of food, human creativity, and how technology factors in. Massimo, Aria, and Reid discuss the roles of joy and innovation in fine dining, technology’s potential to enhance human connection, and Food For Soul, the nonprofit Massimo and his wife Lara created to turn surplus food into incredible community meals for people in need around the world. 

Plus, Massimo reacts to a few AI surprises, including: Reid’s avatar speaking Italian; Pi’s predictions about restaurants of the future; and a customized copy of Reid’s book, Impromptu, that includes a personalized section for Massimo. 

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3:36 - Hellos and intros

4:24 - Reid’s AI avatar has a message for Massimo

7:02 - The relationship between invention and human connection

13:14 - Joy and innovation in fine dining

20:16 - Discussing Massimo’s custom copy of Impromptu 

27:32 - Massimo’s work for the next generation

31:03 - Food for Soul 

38:32 - Slow Food, Fast Cars 

21:46 - Pi’s thoughts on restaurants 50 years in the future

41:34 - Rapidfire Questions

Select mentions: 

Food for Soul

Slow Food, Fast Cars by Massimo Bottura and Lara Gilmore

Reid’s 2023 Bologna Business School commencement speech 

Gastromotiva founder David Hertz

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Massimo Bottura on the future of food and creativity

Massimo Bottura on the future of food and creativity

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