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Mastering Self Love: The Secret You Need To Know

Mastering Self Love: The Secret You Need To Know

Update: 2023-09-278


Welcome to today’s episode of The Mindset Mentor Podcast. Today we’re going to talk about how you can start mastering TRUE self love and I’m going to give you a few secrets that I think you really need to know if you’ve been struggling with this.

Now, when we talk about self-love, it's so much more than just gazing in the mirror and reciting affirmations (although, don't get me wrong, that's important too)... 

I’m not telling you the same ole things you’re probably used to hearing about self love… After all, if those things were really the solution, then you wouldn’t still be struggling would you? 

That’s why today we’re going to dive deep into what it is, but also what it most definitely is NOT.

First things first—let's bust some myths. Self-love isn't about taking the easy way out, my friends. It's not found at the bottom of a wine glass or in the comfort of skipping the gym. Sometimes, sure, those things are fine. But here's the kicker: Real self-love often means pushing yourself to do the things that are genuinely good for you, even when you'd rather not.

Yes, it's tough. I won't sugarcoat it. But I really truly believe that pushing yourself, and choosing discipline over convenience, is one of the most profound ways to love yourself deeply.

In this episode, we'll unpack the essence of self-love: What it truly is and the practices that can transform your relationship with yourself. It's a journey to a place where you become your own biggest ally and advocate.

So, are you ready to discover the secret to mastering self-love?

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Mastering Self Love: The Secret You Need To Know

Mastering Self Love: The Secret You Need To Know

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