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Update: 2023-09-18


Monday, September 18th, 2023

Today, in the Hot Notes: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has been acquitted on all impeachment charges, but only after Trump allies pressure State Senate Republicans to exonerate him; data shows that lying to ATF on gun purchase forms is rarely prosecuted; Judge Middlebrooks bench slaps Donald Trump’s attempt to re-litigate his previously sanctioned lawsuit against HRC and 30 other defendants citing the durham report as “new evidence”; Kevin McCarthy’s brother in law got $7.6M in government contracts; investigative journalists uncover ties between Alabama’s SCOTUS defying redistricting maps and the Leonard Leo dark money network; former Attorney General Edwin Meese writes a stupid letter in support of Jeffrey Clark; plus Allison delivers your Good News.

Dana is out and about.

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September 14, 2023 Election Results (Unofficial)

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Meeses To Pieces

Meeses To Pieces

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