Men are garbage!!

Men are garbage!!

Update: 2023-11-02


Buckle in y’all; it’s time for a wake n’ bake! Your hosts are recording at 9:30 am but that doesn’t stop Tizzle from having “the pot” and a Celsius in her hand. Also, PSA that we (MT) had some serious audio issues this week, so please forgive the chaos. You have to admit, it’s very on-brand though. Brandi is hooked on The Summer I Turned Pretty even though it’s for 15-year-olds and Tish shares a hilariously unfortunate situation she was in when meeting Kevin Costner (Kev for short, because they’re besties). Ya’ll called in with some amazing Dear MTs that allow Brandi to talk about her favorite topic: men being trash. Plus, we’ve got some High Design and advice on what to do if your partner doesn’t like it when you smoke! 

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Men are garbage!!

Men are garbage!!

Brandi and Tish Cyrus