Morgan Patten - 521

Morgan Patten - 521

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November 8, 2019. Jacksonville, North Carolina. Morgan Patten, 24, had traveled to North Carolina to visit her fiance, Phillip Brandon. He was a U.S. Marine and would be able to see her the following day. In the meantime, she walked from her hotel room to a diner to eat. Mysteriously, Morgan vanished from the diner and wasn't seen again until she was discovered at the scene of a crash. What circumstances led to Morgan's death and why had she been in a truck with two Marines? The two survivors weren't much help in explaining what had happened. Join us as we discuss the details of the case and explain what likely happened that evening.

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Aimee Rodriguez

My heart goes out to the family. Something stood out to me, and it was Morgan's message to her mom about going to sleep and calling them in the morning. This is my opinion, so don't come for me, but that was a huge indicator she did not intend to return to the hotel. She planned on hanging out with the two men. Parents "believe" they know their children, but unfortunately, they often don't. I worked with teens, and I was always surprised at how different the teens acted when they came by themselves than when their parents were present. It was mind-blowing. I have three children and accepted this painful fact early on that my kids are not who I think they are. Either way, this is every parent's worse nightmare, and I hope Morgan's family can heal enough to push forward because I can only imagine they will never move on or get over it.

May 30th
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Morgan Patten - 521

Morgan Patten - 521