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Navigating Your Kids' Friendships

Navigating Your Kids' Friendships

Update: 2023-02-281


As parents there are certain things we can control: what's served for dinner, how much screen time is allowed, or when bedtime is. But who our kids are friends with is not one of them. So what's a parent to do when their kid is friends with someone they don't particularly like and who isn't the greatest influence? On today's episode, Dr. Becky talks with a parent about how to handle tricky friendship dynamics.

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Nicole Moreno Diaz

Sorry, but you can control who you’re children hang out with. That’s actually part of being a parent. Your child doesn’t know at the age of nine. Who is that association and who isn’t. This is how teenage girls get pregnant while hanging out with the wrong crowd. This is just ridiculous. The first 30 seconds you saying that you can’t control who your kids hang out with I just stop listening. This kind of crunchy granola gentle parenting is what is problematic in the system now. You cannot let your children do whatever they want. It’s called guidance. 

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Navigating Your Kids' Friendships

Navigating Your Kids' Friendships

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