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Never Skip Leg Day w/ Paul Fetters

Never Skip Leg Day w/ Paul Fetters

Update: 2024-04-04


In this episode of Programming Lions, guest Paul Fetters dives deep into finding your true passion so it doesn’t seem like actual work. Before personal training was a true occupation, Paul found his happiness as a professional body builder and trainer at a California gym. Engaging with the public and making people feel productive and happy instilled his entrepreneurial spirit into opening fitness facilities, creating diet plans and forming healthy habits for his clients.

Aside from his love in lifting weights, family is no distant second when it comes to having a healthy lifestyle and building skills in personal freedom. Communication played an important role, and spending quality time together empowered the amazing relationship Paul has with his three children, who each also own their own business and see the benefit of being their own boss.

In our world of fast paced fixes, a goal Paul speaks strongly about is that success is built upon; think, what can I do today to build on my success everyday, and therefore remain strong throughout my entire life.

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00:00 Intro

02:16 Bodybuilding Start

06:36 Don’t Skip Leg Day

07:56 Gold Gym Stories

10:00 Starting a Business

14:15 Working w/ Family

16:20 Doing all Roles

17:35 Family First

20:05 Dad Advice

22:57 Heart Scare

28:00 Heartfelt Horizons

30:05 Gaining an Edge

34:30 Rapid Fire

36:00 Summary









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Never Skip Leg Day w/ Paul Fetters

Never Skip Leg Day w/ Paul Fetters

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