DiscoverThe SDR Show (Sex, Drugs, & Rock-n-Roll Show) w/ Ralph SuttonNile Rodgers (Producer/Musician) - Time Is Money
Nile Rodgers (Producer/Musician) - Time Is Money

Nile Rodgers (Producer/Musician) - Time Is Money

Update: 2023-04-07


Nile Rodgers joins Ralph Sutton and James Mattern and they discuss being introduced to strip clubs by David Lee Roth, the DiscOasis roller skating project, making David Bowie's Let's Dance what we know it as today, when Billy Idol and David Bowie met, Sesame Street Live, being a part of the house band at The Apollo Theater and the prank that was played on Nile Rodgers, the crazy story behind the song Freak Out, not being able to work with Miles Davis, working with Prince, Chic's upcoming tour with Duran Duran, playing Soul Glo one time in Amsterdam, projects Nile Rodgers is currently working on, Nile Rodgers first concert, first drug and first sexual experience and so much more!

(Air Date: April 1st, 2023)

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Nile Rodgers (Producer/Musician) - Time Is Money

Nile Rodgers (Producer/Musician) - Time Is Money