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Our Midwest Neighbor & Your Stories

Our Midwest Neighbor & Your Stories

Update: 2023-05-233


This week on the podcast, we wanted to laugh so we brought in "our Midwest neighbor" to help. Her name is Ann Marie Taepke, and she’s been playing our on-camera neighbor for over 2 years. (She isn’t our real neighbor, but she is really from the Midwest.) What you may not know, is that Ann Marie is a producer, writer, and manager of our weird family business. We talk about how we got connected, funny stories over the years, and we have a 20 minute Midwest good-bye that plays out in real time.

We read your most heartfelt or funniest neighbor stories along with our conversation with Ann Marie... one tip: watch out for chipmunks. You can follow more of Ann Marie's Midwest antics here: or on our channel. You can also check out our first video with her as well as our Next Door video below.

My Midwest Neighbor In The South:

Michael McDonald Sings Next Door:

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The Holderness Family Podcast is edited and engineered by Max Trujillo of Trujillo Media and produced by Ann Marie Taepke, Sam Pressman, and Ashley Cimino.

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Crista Hagan

KIM! ANNE MARIE! Y'all should visit the NORTH-west!! it's SO different up here!!

May 29th








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Our Midwest Neighbor & Your Stories

Our Midwest Neighbor & Your Stories