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PREVIEW: The Wizard, Then & Now

PREVIEW: The Wizard, Then & Now

Update: 2023-02-083


The further adventures of young Suvi, drop March 1st, 2023, only on our Patreon.

What you are about to hear are the first words, of the first session, of our first story; “The Wizard, The Witch, and the Wild One.” We begin with an excerpt from the Children’s Adventure (only on Patreon), where Aabria and Brennan craft Suvi the Wizard’s origin by exploring a memory from her childhood. Then, we skip forward in time to meet Suvi as a young adult, in an exclusive preview of the main campaign (beginning here, in this feed on March 1st).

Our main campaign follows Suvi the Wizard, Ame the Witch, and Eursulon the Wild One’s journey. It debuts for the public on March 1st, with new episodes released every other week thereafter, wherever you get your podcasts. 

The Children’s Adventure is the improvised prologue of the main campaign, telling the story of our adult protagonists as “Level 0" children. The Children’s Adventure will be available only on our Patreon.

We recommend you listen with the best headphones you have. Transcript available here.

Suvi is played by Aabria Iyengar

Ame is played by Erika Ishii

Eursulon is played by Lou Wilson

Everything and everyone else is played by Brennan Lee Mulligan

Produced, designed, and scored by Taylor Moore at Fortunate Horse

Album art by the great Corey Brickley

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PREVIEW: The Wizard, Then & Now

PREVIEW: The Wizard, Then & Now

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