DiscoverThe Wild West ExtravaganzaPat Garrett | Murder (Part 5)
Pat Garrett | Murder (Part 5)

Pat Garrett | Murder (Part 5)

Update: 2023-08-162


From investigating the Fountain disappearance to working as Sheriff of Dona Ana County, and appointed as the Collector of Customs by Teddy Roosevelt himself, Pat Garrett seemed to be living up to the notoriety gained from killing Billy the Kid. Unfortunately it would all come crashing down. Just a few years after the turn of the century, an aging Garrett would find himself out of a job and deeply in debt. Things would even get so bad that Pat’s family property was seized and auctioned, and the once proud lawman was reduced to begging friends for money in order to feed his family. And then came the goats. Ah, the goats. Pat leased his remaining land to an easy-going cowpoke named Wayne Brazel; a decision that would ultimately cost Garrett his life. Who killed Pat Garrett? The answer might surprise you! This is part 5 and the final installment in the Pat Garrett series. Links below for previous episodes.


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Pat Garrett | Murder (Part 5)

Pat Garrett | Murder (Part 5)

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