DiscoverPossiblePat Yongpradit on AI literacy and computer science education
Pat Yongpradit on AI literacy and computer science education

Pat Yongpradit on AI literacy and computer science education

Update: 2024-05-29


What does AI literacy mean for students and their teachers? Chief Academic Officer Pat Yongpradit—himself a former middle school computer science teacher—joins Reid and Aria for the first-ever live-taping of Possible, recorded at the ASU+GSV Summit in San Diego. 

In this episode, they discuss why school-wide bans on AI are a terrible idea and what “always be learning” refers to in an age of AI. Plus, Pat unveils, for the first time publicly,’s newest tool for teachers: an AI assistant that helps computer science teachers grade assignments. 

Special thanks to Will Cullen, Colin Faul, Bella Willis, Braeden Rutherford, Whitney Kim, Samantha Urban Tarrant, Hadi Partovi, Debra Quazzo and Little Monster Media Company.

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2:19 - Hellos and intros

2:50 - Pat’s social mission video game homework 

4:34 - Pat’s origins with teaching and computer science

6:33 - Making Microsoft Copilot as accessible as possible’s mission 

8:08 - Learning concept tools for real world applications for 

9:45 - What do young people need to know about AI literacy work

11:58 - What Pat is excited about with generative AI and the future 

13:40 - What are the guardrails for the classroom with AI

16:45 - How does AI enhance teaching and learning

21:31 - Break 

22:04 - Using Devin as a lens into the future 

24:09 - Multidisciplinary ethics around coding 

28:45 - What project would Aria do for Do Something through the lens of AI 

34:55 - What you are most worried about when it comes to AI and education 

39:09 - secret sauce and future 

41:10 - Rapid-fire questions


Select mentions: 

Cointelligence by Ethan Mollick


Stanford Accelerator for Learning

Amazon Echo skit from Saturday Night Live

Demo of the AI engineer Devin

Bologna Business School Commencement Speech

ASU+GSV Summit and AIR Show

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Pat Yongpradit on AI literacy and computer science education

Pat Yongpradit on AI literacy and computer science education

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