DiscoverQueens PodcastPrincess Nest: The Welsh Helen of Troy
Princess Nest: The Welsh Helen of Troy

Princess Nest: The Welsh Helen of Troy

Update: 2024-04-17


Princess Nest aka Nest ferch Rhys came from a very long line of Welsh warriors and kings. However, in her lifetime things took a big shift.

There is more that we DON'T know about her life, but what we know for certain is that she is one of the only women from medieval Wales to be more than a passing footnote in history. In fact, it's said that her beauty caused a civil war.

Okay, no. Men started the civil war, but whatever. That's not as poetic. But does she deserve the title of the Welsh Helen of Troy? You let us know what you think.

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Time stamps:

02:17 No Facts, Just Vibes: The Story of Princess Ness

04:03 Cocktail Time: Crafting a Princess Nest Inspired Drink

05:39 The Early Life of Princess Nest in 11th Century Wales

13:52 Nest's Turbulent Youth: From Welsh Princess to Norman Hostage

24:25 Nest's Return to Wales: Marriage and New Beginnings

27:16 Unraveling the Mystery of Nest's Return

27:55 Exploring the Dynamics of Nest's Marriage

28:55 The Infamous Welsh Helen of Troy

31:21 TRIGGER WARNING The Dramatic Kidnapping and Its Aftermath

36:22 Speculations on Nest's Feelings and Fate

48:11 Nest's Legacy and Historical Impact


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Princess Nest: The Welsh Helen of Troy

Princess Nest: The Welsh Helen of Troy

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