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Puds -Health FAQs With Dr Gates

Puds -Health FAQs With Dr Gates

Update: 2023-04-30


" we're going to talk about pots and why it is becoming more common prevalent rights becoming more prevalent so we are seeing more pots aren't we're seeing more pots and I had noticed that we were seeing more pots we were giving more pots diagnosis pots postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome we get a zillion people okay exaggeration we so many people that come in here with heart palpitations and I bend over and I get lightheaded and by the time people most people get here with those symptoms they've usually been evaluated for like trans ischemic attacks and and and pretty much give it a clean bill of and we see it a lot because we see we see a lot of thyroid problems that can heart palpitations we see a lot of stress responses that can cause tachycardia like issues like like more than that walks in the door but pots rear its ugly head in here every now and then and it's got a lot more unique to get some more unique features to it that it's diagnosis and dr. Gates is going to talk with you about that because spoiler alert the reason they were seeing it in a number of patients is that it's getting diagnosed more Amy's reason you're seeing it be diagnosed now you're seeing people will have it and so on and so forth it's being diagnosed more and I can totally understand that from the from what's actually causing pots and and and the fact that even though people have been..."

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Puds -Health FAQs With Dr Gates

Puds -Health FAQs With Dr Gates