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Queer Moms Raising Sons

Queer Moms Raising Sons

Update: 2023-03-201


The Queer Family Podcast | S11 Ep 7 | Jenn and Gail are queer moms, friends AND co-editors of a collection of stories and interviews about queer moms parenting sons without fathers. They tell us about their journeys to motherhood, the decision-making that goes into creating our families, and what nurturing healthy masculinity looks like. Guest co-host Tiq Milan from S3 and S10 joins Jamie to introduce the episode, unpack what gender means and the unconscious biases that exist. If you like the episode, make sure to leave us a review and support The Queer Family Podcast on Patreon for as low as $2/month!

"The whole #boymom makes me cringe… it’s so problematic and yet when I read the memes and posts or whatever, I’m like, “oh yeah, that’s my life too.” Jenn Marlowe / IG/Twitter/FB/TikTok/YouTube: @thequeerfamilypodcast

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Ryne Lowe

Here is How to receive God's Best in Life.

Mar 21st

Ryne Lowe

Sons and Daughters, biological or adopted, NEED a Father. They also NEED a mother. The way you learn to treat your spouse is learned directly from watching your parents interact. How they revere one another, how they problem solve, how they have straight conversation and come to various solutions. But you we as people are not smart enough in our own strength to know how to act. To know what the order for our steps should be. We often say to the potter, "you don't know what you are doing". Yet the Potter guides the clay. When we allow God, Jesus Christ, the beginning and the last, the word that created the earth, to be at the head of the Home, and parents are on board with his Word, his doctrine, his guidance. I will tell you now, it is much smoother sailing. This message is not to condemn its to guide. I love you, God loves you, but he did not design you to operate on your own capacity. you are trying to make your own way straight and prosperous, and it isn't working. Somewhere along the line we are less than peaceful, we are sick, we are depressed, we are angry with past offenses, we are trying to figure out what is truth, what is real, what is right. We aren't constructed to live without God, that's why you struggle with what to say before you speak, you twist and turn to find a topic and make it count. God has an order and we only hurt ourself and our kids, and our friends, and people who we meet that look up to us. and we ultimately will never have the desired outcome, the fulfillment of knowing God's will for your life, without knowing God himself. Him-self. that is who HE is, there is a need for a Father and a NEED for a mother. bottom line is I hope you listen and ponder what I saw, set your phone down, look up and cry out to God for His love, He will pour it out on you when you seek him with you whole heart, it says you will surely find! I love you, God loves you, He's not mad, I am not mad, he doesn't condemn you, neither do I. Go and find God, Jesus.

Mar 21st
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Queer Moms Raising Sons

Queer Moms Raising Sons

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