DiscoverThe Digital SisterhoodRacism and All Its Friends, Vol 2.
Racism and All Its Friends, Vol 2.

Racism and All Its Friends, Vol 2.

Update: 2022-11-051


Content Warning: Death, Hospital, COVID-19

As the deadly virus COVID-19 began to spread across the world, Respiratory therapists were pushed to the frontlines. While hospitals were meant to be a safe haven for all, Yasmin became painfully aware of demon lurking in the shadows, ready to sacrifice anyone not holding a privilege card . As Yasmin begins to enlist the help of her closest friend Urji and other healthcare workers to save families and patients from falling through the cracks, she finds herself caught and needing to be saved too.

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This episode was brought to you by Beautiful Light Studios.

Recorded at MH Studios Toronto

Host: Cadar Mohamud

Senior Producer/ Editor: Muna Scekomar

Assistant Producers: Khweya Bezeid & Nima Harun

Graphic Designer: Wasima Farah

Project manager: Yasmin Mohamud

Marketing Manager: Sawsan Abdillahi

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Racism and All Its Friends, Vol 2.

Racism and All Its Friends, Vol 2.

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