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Right Talent Wrong Team

Right Talent Wrong Team

Update: 2023-05-17



Join us for an insightful conversation exploring the importance of having the right team in the music industry. The Cheat Code Podcast "Right Talent, Wrong Team" (Season 1 Episode 60) In this episode, we discuss the role of a capable and dedicated team in an artist's journey toward success and longevity, as opposed to the allure of immediate fame.

Wendy shares her remarkable experience spanning over three decades in the industry. She reveals that she has only parted ways with three clients during her extensive career, highlighting the significance of aligning a team with an artist's vision. Kingpin candidly shares his frustrations with his challenges throughout his career and emphasizes a team's immense influence on an artist's motivation and overall journey. Ferrari provides invaluable advice on the critical roles and responsibilities a team should undertake to ensure an artist's growth and development.

This episode of The Cheat Code Podcast emphasizes the significance of a cohesive and capable team in pursuing long-term success. Through engaging anecdotes, personal experiences, and expert analysis, we delve deep into the dynamics between artists and their teams.

Tune in to Episode 60, "Right Talent, Wrong Team," and gain invaluable insights into the intricacies of the music industry, team dynamics, and the pursuit of lasting success. Take advantage of this enlightening conversation that will empower artists and industry professionals.

Remember, success goes beyond talent—it's about having the right team by your side. Stay tuned and unlock the cheat code to your musical aspirations!


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Right Talent Wrong Team

Right Talent Wrong Team

Wendy Day, Ferrari Simmons, Rapjuggernaut