Russian Terrorism

Russian Terrorism

Update: 2022-12-15


The 20th century saw the development of an international rule-based order dictated by the United States, with countries tacitly abiding by certain rules in order to trade and prosper with guaranteed security. But now that Russia has removed itself from this system through horrific actions that many deem to be state-sponsored terrorism – even genocide – what does this mean for the future of international relations? 

In this episode, we speak to Bruce Hoffman, a tenured professor at at Georgetown University in Washington DC, and visiting professor at St Andrews University in Scotland, whose work on terrorism includes the books Holy Terror and Inside Terrorism. Bruce analyses whether terrorism is the most cogent term for Russia’s actions in Ukraine, and what Russia’s new pariah status means for the rest of the globe.

Jakub also takes along with him on his recent trip to Kyiv, speaking with Helen Yushchenko, the Newsroom assistant at the Kyiv Independent, and visiting Kyiv’s new Invincibility Centres which are helping Ukrainian civilians to get through the winter due to recent rolling blackouts.

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Russian Terrorism

Russian Terrorism

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