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Rusty Quill Announcement

Rusty Quill Announcement

Update: 2021-08-30


We have officially joined the Rusty Quill Network, a Podcast Network by Podcasters for Podcasters.

This does not mean that Rusty Quill has acquired our podcast, and they will not be changing or influencing the creative direction - what it does mean though, is that the Rusty Quill network will be supporting the marketing, distribution, monetization, and growth of The Town Whispers.

Joining the Rusty Quill Network for myself, as well as everyone who has touched the The Town Whispers is an absolute honor  because the network prides itself on being a curated collection of quality, top notch story telling - by joining hands with Rusty Quill Network we will be joining The Storage Papers, Old Gods of Appalachia, The Deca Tapes, How it Ends, and Cryptids.

As well, Joining the Rusty Quill Network alongside The Town Whispers will be:

The Milkman of St. Gaff’s

The Silt Verses

I am in Eskew

And of course,

We’re Alive.

It sends chillings down my spine to have the honor of announcing The Town Whispers, alongside these amazing shows! 

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Rusty Quill Announcement

Rusty Quill Announcement