S17E6: Life Beyond Likes with Isa Watson

S17E6: Life Beyond Likes with Isa Watson

Update: 2023-02-10


Hey lady! Has doom scrolling got you down? Are the lines between your real life and your online life starting to blur? Well, then tap into today’s episode. Join Dr. Dom and Terri as they welcome Isa Watson back to the podcast to discuss her new book Life Beyond Likes: Logging Off Your Screen and Into Your Life. Isa dives into her personal experiences and how it took a significant life event to help her reevaluate her priorities and check herself about how she’s really showing up in the online world. This conversation is for everyone looking to deepen their relationships, especially the ones with themselves. Isa delves into her research and offers tips on how cultivating a rich inner and offline life will do wonders for our collective mental and emotional health. There’s so much beauty in life when you’re present in your life and out of your phone. Take a listen and learn how you can add some ease to changing your online habits.

Quote of the Day:
"We have to be more self-aware about how the internet impacts us."
- Isa Watson

Where to find Isa Watson:
Website: Isa Watson
Twitter: @isadwatson
Instagram: @isadwatson
TikTok: @isadwatson_bk
Website: With Your Squad
Twitter: @withyoursquad
Instagram: @withyoursquad

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S17E6: Life Beyond Likes with Isa Watson

S17E6: Life Beyond Likes with Isa Watson

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