DiscoverCrime WeeklyS2 Ep99: Hae Min Lee & Adnan Syed: Cars and Calls (Part 5)
S2 Ep99: Hae Min Lee & Adnan Syed: Cars and Calls (Part 5)

S2 Ep99: Hae Min Lee & Adnan Syed: Cars and Calls (Part 5)

Update: 2022-11-115


It was an unseasonably warm January afternoon in Baltimore County, Maryland when 18-year-old Woodlawn High School senior Hae Min Lee left school in her gray 1998 Nissan Sentra and headed out to pick up her six-year-old cousin from kindergarten before going to her job at the local LensCrafters. But sometime after leaving Woodlawn High School and before picking up her little cousin, Hae Min Lee vanished into thin air. Less than a month later, maintenance worker Alonzo Sellers was driving back to his job at Coppin State College and drinking a beer when he realized he had to use the bathroom, and it couldn’t wait. Mr. Sellers pulled over on the side of the road and walked deep into the woods to relieve himself, at which point he made a gruesome discovery. According to his later testimony, Mr. Sellers said quote, “when I looked down I seen something that looked like hair, something that was covered by dirt. And I looked real good again, and that’s when I seen what looked like a foot” end quote. Alonzo Sellers had stumbled upon the body of Hae Min Lee, she had been strangled to death by the bare hands of her attacker, and within a few weeks, the police would make an arrest for her murder. But, the suspect was a person that no one would have suspected capable of such a horrific crime, the ex-boyfriend of Hae, a sweet and smart 17-year-old named Adnan Syed. But, stay with us, because, it’s complicated…

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Stephanie Cunningham

was Adnan's car checked for Jay's prints?

Nov 13th
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S2 Ep99: Hae Min Lee & Adnan Syed: Cars and Calls (Part 5)

S2 Ep99: Hae Min Lee & Adnan Syed: Cars and Calls (Part 5)

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