DiscoverCrime WeeklyS3 Ep123: Carla Jan Walker: The Promise Ring (Part 1)
S3 Ep123: Carla Jan Walker: The Promise Ring (Part 1)

S3 Ep123: Carla Jan Walker: The Promise Ring (Part 1)

Update: 2023-05-056


In February of 1974, Carla Jan Walker was a 17 year-old high school junior living in Fort Worth, Texas. Carla was the epitome of the All-American girl, a cheerleader dating the quarterback of the football team who should have been the envy of every one of her peers, with her good grades and wholesome good looks, but Carla was also the kind of girl who smiled at everyone, who had a kind word for anyone she saw, and it was impossible to dislike her. The evening of February 16th, 1975 should have been a magical one for Carla, who had slipped into a floor length powder blue ball gown with delicate white lace trim to attend a Valentines Day dance at her high school, there would be a live band playing, the theme of the dance was "Love Is A Kaleidoscope", and the school gym would be decorated with paper hearts and pink streamers. Even better, she was going to be attending with her steady boyfriend, 18 year-old Rodney McCoy, and she had Rodney’s promise ring safely on her finger. But what started as a wonderful and romantic night, the kind Carla was sure she would one day recollect for the children that she and Rodney were sure to have, turned into a nightmare for Carla, for Rodney, for her family, and for every single person in her community.

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S3 Ep123: Carla Jan Walker: The Promise Ring (Part 1)

S3 Ep123: Carla Jan Walker: The Promise Ring (Part 1)

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