DiscoverCrime WeeklyS3 Ep134: D.B. Cooper: A Man With a Grudge (Part 1)
S3 Ep134: D.B. Cooper: A Man With a Grudge (Part 1)

S3 Ep134: D.B. Cooper: A Man With a Grudge (Part 1)

Update: 2023-07-215


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It was November 24th, 1971, the day before Thanksgiving and historically the busiest day for travel in the United States. A tall man dressed in a business suit and a thin black tie approached the flight counter of Northwest Orient Airlines at the Portland International Airport and requested a one way ticket to Seattle. This man gave his name as Dan Cooper and he paid twenty dollars in cash for his ticket on Flight 305, which he boarded with 35 other passengers. Cooper took his seat all the way at the back of the plane, he ordered a bourbon and 7-UP, and then he settled in for the short 30 minute flight which was scheduled to take off from Portland, Oregon on time at 2:50 PM, Pacific Standard Time. None of the other passengers, or the six members of the flight crew, noticed anything suspicious about this nondescript business man, traveling with a briefcase and paper bag, sitting quietly by himself in seat 18-E, but that would change shortly after takeoff, when this quiet and polite man notified flight attendant Florence Schaffner that he had a bomb, and he was hijacking the plane. Cooper wanted 200 thousand dollars and four parachutes, and somewhere between Seattle Washington and Reno Nevada, this man dressed in a suit and loafers leaped from a Boeing 727 into a dark and stormy night and was never seen again.

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S3 Ep134: D.B. Cooper: A Man With a Grudge (Part 1)

S3 Ep134: D.B. Cooper: A Man With a Grudge (Part 1)

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