DiscoverCrimes of the CenturiesS3 Ep25: The Eva Hamilton Scandal
S3 Ep25: The Eva Hamilton Scandal

S3 Ep25: The Eva Hamilton Scandal

Update: 2023-09-185


At a brothel in New York in 1885, the great-grandson of Alexander Hamilton, Robert Ray Hamilton, met con artist Evangeline Steele. Steele was looking to make their part-time relationship permanent and soon told Hamilton that she was pregnant with his child. They married in January 1889 and shortly after, the marriage began to fall apart. On the morning of August 26, 1889 while on vacation in Atlantic City, Ray asked for a divorce and Eva refused. After a bottle of whiskey and an argument with Mary Ann Donnelly, their daughter Beatrice's nurse, Eva stabbed Mary Ann and was arrested and charged with attempted murder. In today's episode we learn more about Eva's trial, secrets of her relationship with Ray and Beatrice, and the scandal that shocked New York society.

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S3 Ep25: The Eva Hamilton Scandal

S3 Ep25: The Eva Hamilton Scandal

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