DiscoverTeachers Off DutyS4 Ep23: Lesson Plans Gone Wrong!
S4 Ep23: Lesson Plans Gone Wrong!

S4 Ep23: Lesson Plans Gone Wrong!

Update: 2024-01-28


When teaching goes off script…

Welcome back to another episode of Teachers Off Duty, we’re joined by the funny KC Mack, the always entertaining Bri Richardson and Mike Rivera. I hope you’re ready because today we're diving into the hilarious, and sometimes bizarre world of lesson plans gone wrong.

Bri kicks things off with a tale of football athletes fighting right in the middle of a school assembly! We dive into the chaos of breaking up a brawl and the unexpected roles we find ourselves in as educators. Mike takes us down memory lane with a throwback to when archery was part of the curriculum. We debate the pros and cons of such unconventional school activities, sharing our own wild experiences.

Mike's got a story about a teacher who had an embarrassing experience searching up kittens falling from the ceiling mid-lesson. We talk about the wild unpredictability of teaching and how to navigate these unexpected classroom intrusions. And then there's the time a student decided to taste his shoe... Yes, it's as strange as it sounds. We share our own tales of student antics that left us scratching our heads.

Mike hits us with another story about a police dog's surprise visit to his classroom, sniffing for drugs. Picture the scene: confused students, a bewildered teacher, and a dog on a mission.

So, join us on Teachers Off Duty for an episode filled with surprises in the unpredictable world of teaching. 









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S4 Ep23: Lesson Plans Gone Wrong!

S4 Ep23: Lesson Plans Gone Wrong!

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