DiscoverTeachers Off DutyS4 Ep24: The Real Issues In Education
S4 Ep24: The Real Issues In Education

S4 Ep24: The Real Issues In Education

Update: 2024-02-04


We’re confronting classroom realities in education!

Welcome back to the Teachers Off Duty Podcast. In today’s episode, hosts KC Mack, Bri Richardson, and Mike Rivera, will tackle pressing issues in the education system, sharing experiences and offering insights into what needs to change for the betterment of our schools.

We will first delve into the topic of banned books in Florida libraries, questioning the implications of censorship on education. The conversation turns to the necessity of prioritizing students' needs over personal interests within the classroom.

We then celebrate a positive shift as Mississippi schools take a significant step by increasing teacher salaries and focusing on hiring more educators, a crucial move for the improvement of educational quality.

Next, we discuss how the increasing politicization of education is detracting from its true purpose. It's important to focus on the core issues impacting education and to remember that our primary role as educators is to provide the best possible learning experience for our students.

Finally, we address the pervasive issue of over-testing in schools. We advocate for a balanced approach that reduces the stress of constant testing and instead focuses on equipping students with essential life skills.

So join us in this insightful episode as we navigate through the complexities of the education system, aiming to foster positive changes for our teachers and students !









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S4 Ep24: The Real Issues In Education

S4 Ep24: The Real Issues In Education

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