DiscoverThe Jordan B. Peterson PodcastS4E38: Death, Disease, and Politics | Dr. Randy Thornhill
S4E38: Death, Disease, and Politics | Dr. Randy Thornhill

S4E38: Death, Disease, and Politics | Dr. Randy Thornhill

Update: 2021-07-2622


This episode was recorded on May 10th 2021.

Jordan Peterson’s guest today is distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of New Mexico, American entomologist and evolutionary biologist, Dr. Randy Thornhill.

Dr. Thornhill’s research shines an enticing light on scientific areas that most people have never been exposed to. We come to understand and appreciate the importance of evolutionary biology in shaping our opinions, attitudes, and in many cases the decisions we make throughout our lives. Dr. Thornhill has authored and co-authored around 250 scientific publications, and a majority of his work has been cited in scientific literature over 35,000 times.

Dr. Thornhill shares his findings on attractiveness including cryptic female choice, symmetry, carotenoid pigments, and the characteristics of attractiveness. They also cover Dr. Thornhill’s parasite-stress theory, the critical role that infectious disease plays in humanity, IQ, sex, religion, and conservatism.

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Comments (3)


Oh my

Aug 3rd

Matt Learning

this man's entire claim is based on outdated social boundaries and his story at the end makes it clear he has personal resentments towards his family and that has clearly affected his interpretation of the data

Jul 31st

Trevor Chart

Guest completely misses his own point with regards to US polarization around covid. He stares earlier that conservatism is collectivist and liberalism is individualist. To follow that thread, the Left in the US is conservative and the Right is liberal. We see this play out with covid as well - the conservative Left wants collective actions to battle the infection and the liberal Right wants individuals to decide on their own the seriousness of the disease threat. There is latent liberalism in the US Right evident in their support for an outsider to politics taking on the highway political office and latent conservatism in the US Left evident in their demand that politics return to what is normal for the US by electing a career politician despite his record on all the causes they claim to care about. The Left is conservativism wrapping itself in a facade of liberalism by appealing to libertine values and the Right is liberalism wrapping itself in a facade of conservatism by appealing to tradition.

Jul 27th
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S4E38: Death, Disease, and Politics | Dr. Randy Thornhill

S4E38: Death, Disease, and Politics | Dr. Randy Thornhill

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson