SWS: Private Detectives

SWS: Private Detectives

Update: 2023-06-01


Tish has found her new favorite weed inspired by her idol, Pamela Anderson. Brandi is not a fan of MT on this weed, but that’s not going to stop her! The two dish on Brandi’s recent visit and all the fun things they got up to. Plus, Tizzle talks about Noah, who is just absolutely living her best life at the moment. Per usual, Brandi comes for MT's chaotic setup and her chaotic house that she needs to take better care of. They then listen to some Dear MTs and offer advice on moving to a new city, and dealing with your kids being bullied. A caller also lets Brandi know that she exposed an affair unknowingly on one of her IG stories, and Tish decides that it would be really fun to be a private investigator. Next week your hosts are welcoming some very special guests to the pod, so we’ll meet you back here: same time, same place. Love ya! 

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SWS: Private Detectives

SWS: Private Detectives

Brandi and Tish Cyrus