DiscoverSavage LovecastSavage Lovecast Episode 842
Savage Lovecast Episode 842

Savage Lovecast Episode 842

Update: 2022-12-13


A GGG wife wants to give her man the thing he most wants: his tongue in her ass. But she’s so ding-dang ticklish down there, it’s a no go! How can she learn to suppress her (not sexy) giggles? 

A former stripper now has a “straight” job. But her co-workers are a nest of slut-shaming, sex-negative, misogynistic vipers who don’t know that she did sex work before. Should she keep her mouth shut, or tell them off? 

On the Magnum we are always so happy to bring on our favorite sex toy expert- cartoonist Erika Moen. If you must buy things over the holidays, let those things be sex toys. We hear from a diabetic man who has learned that COCK RINGS are here to save his erections. And a large woman wants a toy to help her better enjoy doggity style. Pragmatic solutions abound. 

And, an Australian erotic masseuse hopes that the copious layer of oil he applies for his “nude slides” will protect him against STIs. 

There’s always hope. 

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Savage Lovecast Episode 842

Savage Lovecast Episode 842

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