DiscoverSavage LovecastSavage Lovecast Episode 846
Savage Lovecast Episode 846

Savage Lovecast Episode 846

Update: 2023-01-101


A woman is head over heels in love with her new boyfriend. He is a cross-dresser and they both enjoy exploring this kink together. The problem? He isn’t interested in having sex with her and it’s shredding her self confidence. 

A man is seeing two women in a poly triad. The second woman struggles to feel included and incorporated in the couple’s life but they make it work. But it all falls apart when time of the month rolls around, and then she becomes unkind, needy and too demanding for the caller. He feels like an emotional punching bag. 

On the Magnum: A true blue, long time-listener, first-time caller has the hots for our long-suffering medical expert Doc Barak! To reward her, Doctor B employs his smoldering voice to explain athletes feet, an acne-like condition which afflicts sweaty parts of the body, and how to date a doctor when he’s too tired out from residency to fuck. 

Finally, a woman new to town wants to set up a gang bang for herself. In her vision, it would be loving and respectful, with her as the center of worship by many men. How can she make this happen safely? 

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Savage Lovecast Episode 846

Savage Lovecast Episode 846

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