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Savage Lovecast Episode 853

Savage Lovecast Episode 853

Update: 2023-02-281


Ok, let’s say you don’t drink alcohol. But you do drink piss, right? If your lover drank a bunch of beer and then you drank his piss, did you just drink alcohol? 

A woman had an affair with a man she had been very close friends with. His wife found out, and it all blew up. He asked to cut off all contact while he fixed things with his wife. She just learned that he has cancer, and the caller wonders if she can reach out to him now. Heart-breaking!

On the Magnum, Dan enlists the help of sex and culture writer Magdalene Taylor to talk about why people are not having enough sex. Her piece in the New York Times paints a very grim picture indeed. Even in Berlin this is happening! Also, the son of a co-worker is spouting some incel ideology online. Should the caller say something to the mom? 

And, a woman keeps dating men who look alike! She just started dating a man who looks so much like her nasty ex, that she’s worried people will comment on it. It’s embarrassing, but is it a deal-breaker?

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Savage Lovecast Episode 853

Savage Lovecast Episode 853

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