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Savage Lovecast Episode 905

Savage Lovecast Episode 905

Update: 2024-02-27


A woman's 60 year-old dad has taken in a much younger woman of dubious repute. She is a massage therapist, and has been cleaning her father's house. Her father claims that taking her in is just the Christian thing to do. The caller worries her father is being taken advantage of- she and her brother don't like it one little bit. Should she refuse to see her father under he kicks the girl out? 

A man has discovered his love for kink later in life. Now he's dating and scaring women away when he says he's a dom on OK Cupid. But he wants to be honest, and the kink sites are too over the top for him. How can he hit the jackpot?

On the Magnum, comedian Hope Woodard explains her "Boysober" concept and endeavor. No boys for Hope! She explains why she is choosing to remain boysober for a year, how it's different from celibacy, and how dang hard it is! 

And, a caller wants to get in on the sexual neologism racket. Will Dan Savage approve of his new portmanteau? 

Spoiler: Nope! 

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Savage Lovecast Episode 905

Savage Lovecast Episode 905

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